Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

Three Awesome Ways to Improve Your Home's Value

Improving your home allows you to add to its value while making it more secure and comfortable for your family. From installing a state of the home automationsystem to choosing Eco-friendly appliances, upgrades can really pay off if you ever decide to sell. These three ideas can really make a difference in the future buying price of your property.

Pay Attention To The Exterior

Details such as landscaping your property, adding lighted walkways, and using high quality siding are very important. The first thing that people notice is the exterior of the home, including the lawns and gardens. Regular lawn maintenance and the addition of a few ornamental shrubs really add to the aesthetic appeal of any home. Don't forget to perform regular maintenance on the siding, as well. Use a pressure sprayer to clean vinyl siding and replace any damaged siding annually to keep your home looking great and to protect the underlying structure from damage.

Go Green

Modern homes emphasize environmentally friendly appliances and materials. If you choose one big project to increase the value of your home, consider making the home more energy efficient by installing Energy Star appliances, windows, or a new heating and cooling system that meets Energy Star guidelines. Energy efficient homes are more valuable because they can save significant amounts on heating and cooling costs every year.
Energy efficient appliances and windows are an investment that will continue to save on utility costs for many years. If you aren't sure where to start, an energy audit can help you find where the most energy is being used in your home.

Stay Secure

Installing a state of the art home automation system is a simple way to add to the value of your home. Automation increases the efficiency, security and comfort of your home by allowing you to control electrical devices from a computer or mobile device. For instance, you can adjust the thermostat setting on your heating on your way home from work. The system will also allow you to control your home security system while you are away. Not only is home automation convenient, it also raises the value of your property. Choosing a high quality system is best because you can be sure the system will work flawlessly for many years to come.
Getting started on making your home more valuable is easy when you consider which options will make your home and property more functional and comfortable for your family. The value of your home raises with every home improvement you make, but these three ideas are amongst the best for improving efficiency and value.

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