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The New JSS Tripler Was Born

Intofarm is an investment website where you invest your money and receive payment on monthly basis. The amount of money that you receive depends on the type of  farm that you invested in and how much money you spent/invested. The company invests the money paid by its members in real projects such as expanding production companies or buying company assets. The money paid by  their depositors enables them to have enough capital for developing their business and in return, they pay their depositors (members) a high percentage of profit that they make.

At the time of writing this review, they were giving out a $10 bonus that you can use to buy a mini farm and start earning. You can also deposit more money and invest in other farms. The farms vary in prices and the total amount of money that you earn depends on the type of farm that you choose and purchase.  Each farm comes with a refrigerator that can fit certain amount of eggs and once the refrigerator is full, you are required to either sell your eggs or buy another refrigerator for storing your eggs.

The following is a list of farm that you can choose to invest in

Farm 1
Price: $2
Produce: 2 Eggs per month
Your expected income in one year: $4.8

Farm 2
Price: $20
Produce: 21 Eggs per month
Your expected income in one year: $50
Farm 3
Price: $60
Produce: 68 Eggs per month
Your expected income in one year: $168

Farm 4
Price: $400
Produce: 500 Eggs per month
Your expected income in one year: $1260

Farm 5
Price: $2000
Produce: 2535 Eggs per month
Your expected income in one year: $6540

The most popular and high paying farm is poultry farm.  If you invest $2000, you get paid $ 545 per month
Here is another example of how the program works
Let us say your buy a farm at $20
Every week that farm will produce 5 eggs
You sell the eggs at $0.2 per unit = $0.2 x 5=$1
In six months, you will have 130 eggs
Total amount earned in six month will be 130 eggs x $0.2= $26
You can simply compound your earnings by buying another farm

Referral System

Refer 10 people and receive a mini farm which is worth $2. This farm will give you $0.4 by the end of each month. They also pay 8% of the referral deposit and 1% of tier 2 referral deposit. They have various payment processors which include Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, Perfect Money and Solid Trust pay.

Bottom Line

This is a good program if only it would be sustainable but as with any other online business, one needs to be very careful while investing in such programs. The program started early this year (2012) and so far, it has more than 19,000 members but how long it will last, no one knows. There are no available records of payment proof that I found on the website but after doing my research further, I was able to find a few forums where people have displayed their payment proof.

Lastly, if you decide to invest in this program, start with little amount such as; $20 or $50 and then use the money that you earn to buy more farms. The best thing to remember when investing in any online program is that to only invest in what you can afford to lose. Visit Intofarm and learn more on how to invest.

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