Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Best 7 Tips To Realize Cheap Car Insurance

Anyone who has a family with drivers and more than one vehicle or full coverage on said vehicle(s) knows that car insurance is not cheap, but there are some tips that can help you locate cheap car insurance. If you are interested in finding out ways to get your premiums lowered, continue to read this passage.

In most cases, car insurance quotes are quick and easy to attain. You don’t need to go to an agent to get a premium quote; you can answer a few questions online and will result in competitive premium quotes with brand name insurance carriers.

Below are 7 ways that you can save money on car insurance and the basis for this information is from my own policy that I carry with Progressive Automobile Insurance. Keep in mind that not every insurance carrier is the same and will offer their own discount programs but tend to be similar from company to company.

Electronic Funds Transfer - If I set up an automatic payment option with my bank, Progressive will supply my policy with a discount of $40.00. I currently do not have this option activated as I can foresee having the possibility of an insufficient fund issue.

Minor child - I have had my auto insurance with Progressive for over 2 years and list a child under the age of 19 with a license or permit, Progressive will offer "good grades" discount, and an "accident free" discount for each of the children listed. The child has to carry a "B" average for the entire school year for this to take effect. The child will also need to be accident free for 2 years.

Homeowner - This offer is for homeowners only. Progressive provides a discount for those customers that own their own home. This will not include rental properties or other living conditions.

Pain in full - This is for those customers that have enough cash on hand to pay for their entire premium in one lump sum rather than making payments throughout the year. Progressive enables a rather large discount for this option. Unfortunately, I won’t ever be able to pay my several thousand dollars premium in one lump sum.
Distant Student - Do you have a college student away at school and are under the age of 23? If so, there is a discount program with Progressive insurance for your policy. This is stipulated that the child needs to be living out of the home and not have a car at their alternate address (college address). I will be taking this discount starting in the fall, 2011.

Multi-Policy - Do you have several policies with the same carrier? If so, Progressive supplies a discount for their customers that have more than one policy. I also have this discount applied to my account as we have a motorcycle policy as well.
5 Year accident free - this one speaks for itself and is widely used amongst most insurance carriers. Keep your license clean as well (no traffic violations) and you will see a discount for "good behavior".

So, there is such a thing as cheap car insurance. Shop around for the policy that best suits your needs. There are insurance carriers online that will supply you with 4 or 5 competitive premiums and from different brand name carriers so you don’t have to fill out a new application form for every premium quote you get. This is a very nice option to get when shopping for cheap car insurance.

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