Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Solutions to IRS Tax Problems Keep Enforced Tax Collection at Bay

IRS tax problems take a giant shape and threated the existence of the citizens who could not pay the outstanding tax, somehow. Levy, lien and seizure are powerful weapons in the hands of the IRS authority to collect due taxes by force. The horror stories of abuse, ill treatment and injustice emerge when the IRS officers employ the harsh methods of enforced tax collection. By means of levy, lien and seizure, the IRS agency embezzles the property of those who default on taxes. Thus, enforced tax collection becomes an abuse.

If the IRS department threatens you with a bank levy to collect the outstanding tax, filing a request for Collection Due Process Hearing is the solution to this kind of IRS tax problems. In the request form, explain your need for an installment agreement and uncollectible status. If you fail to make the payment despite several notices from the IRS department, the final notice that is IRS Letter 1058 threatening you with levy will be issued. This notice allots a period of thirty days for payment. If the payment is not made within the specified time, the IRS department will take enforcement action. You can file a request for an installment agreement using 12153 within the allotted period of time.

It is better not to wait for the arrival of the final notice to your address. Apply for an installment program right after you have received the first notice from the IRS department. If you file the request on time, the IRS agency cannot take any action for enforced tax collection till the hearing of your case. The Appeals Office holds the hearing. It will empower you with the right to challenge any abusive collection action on a solid ground. Respond to the first collection notice by writing a letter to the IRS department expressing your inability to pay the due tax in full and explaining your need for an installment agreement. Try this solution to IRS tax problems to keep the ways of enforced tax collection at bay.

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