Selasa, 24 Februari 2009

Investing in times of recession

One of the reasons why the stock markets are taking time to comeback is the lack of ‘investible’ money in the hands of people. Most of the money is tied up in various investment options such as shares, mutual funds etc. and are not in a position to be liquefied through their sale and reinvested.

Adding to this, people are losing their jobs due the retrenchments that are happening these days, which significantly affect their income. But for those who have money, there is not a better time to invest. The markets are low, shares are trading low.

But then, there is one entity that seems to have enough money to invest in the times of recession; Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). The firm had increased its stakes in ICICI Bank, IOB, GAIL etc.

This might be due to the job insecurity that the people feel, which makes them insure themselves and their assets through insurance companies making the companies have enough money to invest. And not to forget the cash reserves they have.

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